Engine Repair .. Cars, trucks, tractors, performance, restoration, marine.

This web site is dedicated to all of you who want to do your own engine repairs.

Whether you are fixing the engine in the car you drive to work, restoring your favorite old car or tractor or building a "monster" race engine, I can help you do it in an enjoyable manner with the best results possible.

My goal in building this web site is to give anyone the information that they need to successfully do just about any engine repair, restoration or modifications. I will show you the tools needed and the techniques that will make your repair work. I do not believe in "secrets" and really love to teach people how to properly do this type of work.

Having owned an Automotive Machine Shop for almost 25 years, I have seen just about every type of gasoline engine made along with a fair number of Diesels. During this time, I have also seen just about every mistake that can be made. I have seen guys waste more money than you could possibly believe, and still end up with an improperly repaired engine or one that does not last or perform the way they had planned.

The titles on the left side of the page will lead you to everything you need to know in order to do this.

Please come back and visit soon as I will be continuously adding new information.

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