Need a new engine but dont want to do it yourself ? Rebuilt Engines offer a fast and high quality solution.

If time is important then buying a rebuilt engine is certainly the easiest way to get your car back on the road. Whether you are replacing the engine yourself or having your repair shop do the job, a remanufactured engine will be the quickest route. Most engine replacements can be accomplished in a couple of days by an experienced mechanic. An engine purchased this way will also have a warranty to cover any problems you might have with the engine.

Rebuilt Engine or Remanufactured ???????

Rebuilt or Remanufactured ??? What is the difference ? Depending on who you ask, there can be a lot of difference or no difference at all.

Typically, the term "rebuilt" refers to an engine that is disassembled and repaired by replacing only the minimum amount of parts that are needed to get it back to a good running condition.

A "remanufactured" engine will be completely disassembled and have all of the parts cleaned and inspected. Any parts or castings such as the engine block, crankshaft, etc, that do not meet factory specifications will be remachined to factory specifications. Once that is done, the engine will be reassembled using mostly new parts so that it is as good or possible better than the original. A remanufactured engine will also have a warranty for miles of trouble free driving. A high quality remanufactured engine should last as long as your car's original engine did.

Where should I buy my rebuilt engine ??

But, "How do I know if I am getting a good remanufactured engine ??"

Good question. For starters, if your regular repair shop is replacing the engine for you, you can be pretty sure that they will use one of the major companies that rebuild engines nationwide. They might also purchase the engine from the new car dealer.

My personal feeling is that the remanufactured engines offered by the new car dealerships are the best quality that you will find. Also they generally come with a warranty that is honored at any of the brand's dealers nationwide. So if you buy a remanufactured engine from the Chevy dealer for your Chevy truck and have a problem with it when you are 300 miles from home, it can be taken to any Chevy dealer to be repaired.

Unfortunately, not all of the car manufacturers offer a line of remanufactured engines for thier products.

As far as local or other engine rebuilders, like everything else, you get what you pay for. If you find an engine rebuilder that is offering engines for what seem to be unbelievable prices, they have to be cutting some corners somewhere.

Modern car and truck engines are very complex and require modern equipment to be repaired properly. There are several national companies that are doing an excellent job remanufacturing modern engines.

Rebuilt engine for your Old car ? Hot Rod ? Boat ?

If you need an engine for an older car your choices are narrowed down somewhat.

You can have a local engine builder rebuild your engine. This can be an excellent option especially if you want to keep the original engine that came in the car or truck. There are also companies across the country that specialize in certain engines. One company does nothing but Flathead Fords, another only Pontiacs, you get the idea.

For performance applications there are "crate motors" sold by many different places including the major car manufacturers like GM, Ford and Chrysler.

Marine engines are very specialized. The major manufacturers such as Mercruiser, offer factory remanufactured engines that come with an excellent warranty.

In closing ....

As you can see, a rebuilt engine can be the perfect option. There are many sources and the prices can be reasonable.

If you are searching for an engine for your car, or need a performance or other unusual engine rebuilt and you are not having much luck finding someone in your area, send me the details through my Contact Form and I will try to find someone in your area that can help you.

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