Engine hoists are pretty simple tools and will last a long time with a little care.    Unless you are Superman, you are going to need an engine hoist of some type to pull the engine out of your car, truck, boat or whatever. If your garage or workshop has a built in crane, then you can skip this page. But most of us don't have the luxury so we need to either buy or rent an engine hoist. They are pretty simple tools and will last a long time with a little care.

There are two main types available. The "fixed" type and the "fold up" type.

Fixed Type of Engine Hoists

The fixed type is what most of us are used to seeing. They have been around as long as I can remember and are very simple devices. Some of them have "steerable" wheels on all four corners whcih make them easier to move around while pulling an engine. I personally prefer that the wheels in the front of the hoist DO NOT swivel. This makes it easier to steer it when you are moving it around the shop by yourself. Again, this is just a personal opinion.

Fold Up Engine Hoists

The fold up type of hoist is a relative newcomer to the game. They are nice if you dont have room for a full size, fixed leg type of hoist. The ones that I have seen do not seem to be quite as heavy duty as the fixed type of hoists, but unless you are lifting a very heavy industrial diesel engine, I doubt that any of us will ever really overload any engine hoist.

Tips and Accessories

One accessory that you will probably want for your engine hoist is a "load leveler" This is a tool that allows you to tilt the engine as you are pulling it out of the car, making it easier to clear the body and other parts.

When using the engine hoist, make sure not to extend the boom out too far. I like to keep the load directly above the front wheels of the hoist or even closer to the upright part if possible.

If you are only planning to do one engine, you might want to consider renting a hoist instead of buying it, although the prices have come down so low that if you have the room to store it, buying is the way to go.

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