Paint pens

by Joe Scardino
(San Diego, CA)

I totally agree with your tip on keeping all parts, using plastic baggies and old butter/yogurt containers to hold parts. What I found very helpful was using a white paint pen to mark everything. For a few bucks you can buy almost any color (I use white) pen and mark EVERYTHING. They work well even in oily conditions. I just wipe the area clean with my rag and go. I also found it helpful to write the name of the part, the part number, the date, year, make and model of the vehicle the parts come out of along with the word BAD in big letters if the part is bad. If it's not bad I make sure I mark it as "used, but serviceable" in case I have to use it again. I can't count the baggies and yogurt containers in my shop with magic marker or paint pen notes on the side. And your tip about the camera has saved me more than once! Great advice.

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